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Krogen. Foto Klemens KarlssonRöttle is an old industrial village dating from the 13th century, situated about 4 kilometres south of Gränna. There is also a beach on Lake Vättern. The café is open only for reservations in advance and depending on where the serving takes place, there can be an extra cost for rent.

Coffee is served along with a range of simple snacks at a reasonable price, including sponge cake, biscuits, cheese sandwiches and fruit pie. Everything is homemade using flour from the Rasmus Mill in Röttle. A simple lunch can also be served. For more information, including bookings, please phone or send an e-mail.

Brödkorg med Röttlebitar. Foto Agneta BörjesonThe café is ordinary housed in ”Krogen”, which lies next to the waterfall in the middle of the village. The setting is very picturesque and the interior of the café is adorned with early 20th century paintings of Röttle. Serving can also be carried out elsewhere in the village. It is also possible to order picnic baskets for use in the area.








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